Netgear is adding a new button rock restaurant to its lineup of WiFi hotspots.

The new button will be available in the US and Canada on March 23, and will cost $25 a month.

The new WiFi hotspot will allow users to change the WiFi settings of their home from the menu, or to toggle the WiFi off for specific devices.

Users will also be able to connect their phones to the hotspot, and use the app to turn on and off the WiFi.

The button rock will not be the first Netgear WiFi hotsphere to launch in the world, as the company introduced its own WiFi hotspy for the company’s own WEP-encrypted Wi-Fi network.

In October, Netgear announced that its WPS-encrypted network had been adopted by the UK’s National Health Service, allowing it to offer Wi-FI services to more than 200,000 patients.