A survey conducted by The Irish Times found that only two in ten of the respondents believed that the country needed to improve its skills to create a better working environment for workers.

This was despite a growing demand from businesses and individuals who were feeling the strain of the recession.

In the survey, the company’s Chief Executive, John Collins, said: “The vast majority of people are not aware of how to sew and we’ve got to change that.

It’s our responsibility to provide that.”

The survey, which polled 1,000 people in April and May, found that there were around 30,000 unsold buttons in Ireland.

More than half of respondents said that a change in the country’s culture would help in creating a more caring working environment, with 42 per cent of those polled saying they would support a minimum wage increase.

But with no sign of any change in workers’ attitudes to the issue, there is a growing concern among some employers that the skills shortage will impact their bottom line.

Many of the companies surveyed are also concerned that people may be too busy looking for work to spend time with their family.

One business owner said that while the economy has improved, the number of employees working on the weekends has increased.

In response to the survey findings, the Department of Jobs said that it was in the process of reviewing the industry to ensure that the industry was fully prepared for this new challenge.