4FourTwo’s David Braben wrote that while the title is “fantastic” it does not “explain what it’s like to be a woman” in the game.

“In the world of Five Nights at Freddy’s, the word ‘woman’ does not appear in the title, nor do we explain why it’s so hard to play as a woman in a hostile world,” he said.

Brumby added that the game is “a game about women, so it’s a very difficult place to be, especially if you’re a woman.”

He also said that “some of the things women do in the games are not as obvious or clear as the things men do.”

Bummer, then?

“It’s an open-ended experience, so you can’t go back to the menu and change things you didn’t do,” he added.

You can buy the game on the PlayStation Store for $15.

It’s worth noting that the original Five Nights was originally developed by Sony Computer Entertainment in the 1990s, and that the publisher went on to make two sequels, The Last of Us and The Last Night of the Old World.

FourFourTwo previously reported that the sequel will be titled Five Nights Forever and that it will be released sometime this year.