It’s hard to explain, but when you think about it, this emoji is pretty clever.

It’s not just the emoji you’re seeing here, it’s the way it’s set up.

When you type ‘nut bar’, your keyboard becomes a bar with the word ‘nut’ written in red on it.

You can use it to indicate to your friends and family that you’re having a nutty day, or to say, ‘You know what’s hot right now?

Nut Bar!’

It’s a little bit of a new thing, and it’s just the beginning.

In fact, this isn’t the first time the emoji has come to life.

It was first made popular back in 2015 when Apple released its first emoji.

This year, the company added the word “f*cking” as well as ‘taco’ to the word to make it more pronounced.

You’ll find these new emoji all over Twitter and Instagram, and we’re not alone in wanting them everywhere.

And while we’ve been enjoying the new emoji, they’ve also got a few flaws.

The first is that you’ll have to type in a lot of emoji to make a lot to do with them.

This isn’t just a problem for users who are just looking to share pictures and memes with friends, but for users that are just interested in using the new feature.

That means the emoji can be hard to find.

The second is that emoji aren’t universally popular, even among users that don’t really use them.

For instance, you won’t find this emoji in the official emoji collection.

You’re probably looking for the new one.

And the third and final issue with the emoji is that it’s really hard to tell the difference between the new and the old versions.

They all look the same, and the word bar isn’t clear at all.

So, if you’ve been looking to tweet with the new version of the emoji, you may want to check out our guide on how to use the new ones.

We’ve also updated our emoji gallery, so now you can see how all the new versions compare.