Republicans are struggling to maintain control of Congress.

The GOP controls the Senate, which it holds by a slim margin of four seats, and the House, which Republicans are defending by a razor-thin margin.

Democrats control the presidency.

Trump is trying to build a political firewall that could allow him to govern effectively.

But his strategy has been to play defense against his party’s majority, trying to woo vulnerable Democrats who could be vulnerable in November, while avoiding the thorniest decisions and issues that could be politically toxic.

The president has been taking cues from his top advisers, including his son-in-law Jared Kushner, who has been traveling the country to build support for his agenda.

Trump also has a series of surrogates who can draw a contrast between his agenda and the Democrats’ agenda.

He’s seen as a more moderate president, and he has made some progress with Republicans in dealing with his signature health care overhaul, which was largely a Republican creation and has been challenged by many Democrats.

But Trump has been hesitant to take a direct stand on any issue that could hurt his party in November.

And he has struggled to maintain a unified message during the administration’s first month.

In a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Trump said he would seek to make the GOP majority more competitive.

He also said he will pursue his campaign promise of “repealing and replacing” the Affordable Care Act.

The legislation has been a major source of political tension for Republicans in Congress, and Democrats have been pressing for a complete overhaul.

But the president has also signaled he’s not ready to embrace a repeal-and-replace strategy, saying he’s looking for a long-term strategy instead.

He has called the GOP the “Party of Death” and said that “repeal and replace” won’t work.

Trump has also pushed back on GOP claims that he is not prepared to negotiate with Democrats.

He said the GOP should negotiate with him and get something done, even if it means “a lot of debt and taxes.”

“You’ve got to get something accomplished.

You’ve got the debt, you’ve got taxes, and you’ve just got to negotiate,” he said.