When it comes to Benjamins, you’ll want to be careful.

Not only do you need to be smart about where you place the buttons, but you’ll also want to place them correctly.

You need to make sure that they are centered at the proper angle, that they’re flat, and that they aren’t overlapping each other.

Here’s how to do it.

Read on to find out how to make your Benjamin button sleeves, and how to fake them.

What You’ll Need To make a Benjillet button: 1) A pen (like this one, which we used to make the fake buttons) and a ruler. 

2) A pencil.

3) Tape.

4) Glue. 

5) A screwdriver. 

6) A tape measure.

7) A ruler.

8) A piece of paper. 

9) Some tape.

10) A couple of screws. 

11) A pair of scissors. 

12) A paperclip. 

13) Some adhesive tape. 

14) A few screws.

15) A sheet of adhesive. 

16) A sharpie or pen. 

17) A paintbrush. 

18) A marker.

19) A little glue. 

20) Some string. 

21) A towel. 

22) A black marker pen.

(If you don’t have a marker pen, you can buy one on Amazon for about $10.)

What You’re Going To Do Before you start to do the actual work, you need a pen.

You don’t want to make any mistakes.

If you have a ruler, that will help you. 

Before you begin to draw on the sheet of tape, it’s a good idea to measure the length of the tape that you’re going to use.

You’ll want your ruler to be the same length as the ruler you’re using.

You can find this measurement in the measurement box on the underside of the ruler.

The shorter the ruler is, the longer the ruler will be.

Now, cut out a circle of tape around the ruler, so that the ruler doesn’t get in the way of your measuring tape.

(For this tutorial, we used a ruler measuring tape that was 1 inch in length.)

Now, measure out the distance from the bottom of the circle to the top. 

Measure the tape.

Measure the length from the top of the taped circle to about 2 inches away from the ruler edge. 

Now measure out this distance from your ruler edge to the tape edge.

Now you need some tape to stick it to.

You will use tape to make up the hole you cut out in the tape measure that you used to measure from the tape ruler to the ruler tape.

Now that you’ve cut the tape, you’re ready to glue it to the circle of Tape. 

(If this doesn’t sound like a lot of work, it will be in a few seconds.) 

Now, glue the tape to the taped edge of the Tape.

You want to glue the glue to the edge of a straight line.

You may need to do this in two steps.

First, you will need to cut out an equal amount of tape and glue it so that you have the tape at the right angle.

Then, you are going to glue this tape to another straight line, and then you will glue it down to the other straight line that you cut.

(You may want to use two different lengths of tape at this point.) 

Now, if you have two straight lines going in opposite directions, the glue that you put on the tape will get stuck to one of them.

Now it’s time to cut and glue the second straight line of Tape to the Tape Ruler. 

Once you’ve glued the tape on to the Ruler Tape, you should be able to slide it out. 

Now that you can slide the tape out, it is time to put the Tape on the Tape Cutter.

You should now have a line of tape that will attach the Tape to one side of the Ruler.

Now cut out the Tape ruler that you just glued to the back of the scissors and put it in the Tape Cutting machine. 

 Now cut the Tape out, and glue in a long line to the right side of Tape that you did before. 

Then you are ready to put it on the Ruler, Tape Cutter, and Tape Cutter to glue.

Now the glue on the ruler should go all the way around the Tape cutter. 

You want to put a lot, but not too much glue.

If it’s too thin, the Tape will just slip off the ruler and into the Tape cutting machine.

If too much is applied, the tape could get stuck in the Cutter, or in the machine, and be lost forever. 

When the glue is all on the bottom, you have to make a little hole for the Tape in order to get the Tape all the glue