The latest version of the popular chat app is the first to integrate Google Assistant, which makes it easier to ask for help with things like driving directions or finding a place to eat.

But there are some other big differences to the current version of Android.

For starters, the new Android version now has a better camera and better support for gesture controls.

“I’m happy that the voice recognition is really good, it’s the first time we’ve been able to do that on Android,” Google’s Dave McClure told the BBC.

Google’s assistant also includes a new version of Google’s Hangouts app, which will allow users to quickly ask a question without having to wait for a reply from their friends.

Google also has a new feature for “sitting down” to watch videos, which you can do with the new screen.

The new Android features also make it easier for users to switch between the two phones with a single tap.

“Now I can just use my phone and watch the videos or listen to the music on my phone,” said one user.

Android phones will also get a new camera app that lets users capture video and audio, and the feature will come to Apple’s iPhones too.

The changes to the Android software come as the software maker tries to attract more consumers with its Android phones.

Last month, it said it was aiming to reach 2 billion devices by 2020.

The company also announced a new phone that it says will be the world’s first smartwatch, priced at $199.

It will be available to pre-order on Friday.

The Android version of Twitter has also introduced a new button maker.

But the new button makers are not yet available for iPhones, which means users have to wait until September to try out the new feature.

The BBC’s Matt Robinson in London contributed to this report.