Twitter has suspended the account of an online activist who allegedly used the hashtag #Gamergate to harass women.

The account, which has over 30,000 followers, had been suspended as of Saturday morning.

The tweet in question was made on the day of the #Gamergaters recent #MeToo summit, when the hashtag was trending on Twitter.

In the tweet, the activist said that she would be holding a demonstration in Washington, D.C. at noon on January 25th, which would take place on the National Mall.

She also claimed that her “attitude towards #Gamerghazi” was “disgusting” and that the hashtag represented harassment and assault.

The hashtag has been trending on the platform since November, and Twitter has repeatedly said that it takes the safety of users seriously.

The tweets in question came just days after a tweet by a Twitter employee about a woman who said she was harassed by a #GamerGater.

That woman, Anita Sarkeesian, has received threats of violence after speaking out against the harassment.

The person in question is a former Twitter employee who has been fired for making inappropriate comments about the harassment of women online.

Twitter has said that the employee’s actions do not reflect how the company views harassment.

A spokesperson for Twitter said the account was suspended due to “an apparent violation of our Code of Conduct,” which states that the company takes harassment seriously.

Twitter also said it has suspended and is taking action against the person in the tweet.

The woman behind the account has also claimed to have received threats against her and her family.

Twitter’s Twitter spokesperson told The Verge that the suspension is related to a complaint that was made with the company’s human resources department.

She said the user was terminated after a complaint was made to Twitter about her behavior.

“The tweet was removed because we found it to be inappropriate and a violation of the Code of Practice, and we also took action to terminate the user,” she said.

“In this case, the company did not see the violation, but found the person’s behavior to be unacceptable.”

The tweets come just days before President Trump was scheduled to speak at the #MeToomey summit, which was set to take place in Washington.

The summit, a celebration of women in the video game industry, was scheduled for Saturday.

However, Twitter has since said that Trump will not attend the event.