A fake belly button from Ben Butler has made its way onto Twitter.

The Fake Ben Butler fake is a video made by @BenBivinsFake, which shows Butler pretending to be Ben Butler in the “Ben Butler: Live from NYC” concert video.

The video begins with Butler walking down the street with a fake bellybutton.

He appears to have a fake bandana over his face and a fake mustache.

After a brief intro, he begins to sing a song called “Crazy,” which he says he made up.

The song is followed by a brief clip of Butler, wearing a fake hat and a black mask, walking down a sidewalk with a real bellybutton in his hand.

The fake belly Button then comes to life and begins to dance.

He sings the song, and the video ends.

The Twitter account has since been taken down.

The real Ben Butler tweeted that he had “been playing around with the idea” for the fake video and said he wanted to “create something for people who don’t have a belly button.”

“I am doing it for the first time and am so excited.

I will do it again,” he said in the tweet.”

I know some people don’t know how to wear a bellybutton and if you don’t want to wear it, it is really not a big deal,” he added.”

It is really cool, it will make people smile, it’s kind of like a fake body.”

He added that he would be performing the video live in New York City on April 20.