A new app for Croc customers has received positive reviews, but the croc team is still working on a way to make the communication function a little more useful for people who aren’t particularly dog friendly.

The Croc app, Croc Dogs, has received a lot of praise from users on both Android and iOS.

But, according to Croc CEO Dan Graziano, the company’s “dog” users are the ones who really want the feature to make it a little easier for people to communicate with their furry friends.

“We’re trying to be a little bit more helpful for our users,” Graziani said during a recent investor call.

“It’s a little harder to be helpful to our users when you don’t have a dog in your life.”

While Grazio said that Croc is “working on” a new Croc Apps app, he did not specify when that would be.

The company is currently working on the Croc Labs app, which is currently available only on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

The new Croci apps will be released later this year.

Graziano said that the Croci team is “just getting warmed up” and that they want to make Croc more “engaging” for people that are not dog owners.

The goal of the new Crocs app is to make crocs a little less intimidating.

“It’s important that Crocs be a really fun experience,” Grosi said.

“There’s so much we can do to make this experience a little nicer for our customers.”

The Croc team also plans to add support for dog-friendly pets in the future.

Grazi said that they will be releasing an update to the app later this month that will add support to add dog-friendliness.

Grosi also said that he is confident that Croci will become more popular with Crocs customers in the coming years.

“I’m confident that in the next few years, we’ll have millions of Crocs in our stores,” he said.

“So, Crocs will become the standard dog communication app.”