A meme is an expression of a feeling or feeling, a visual representation of a real-life event or experience.

They can be simple or complex, and are often shared as a way to make fun of a particular person or situation.

The key to finding a meme is to ask yourself: Do I really want to see this meme?

If not, it might not be worth posting it.

Here are some of the most common memes you can use to get your point across.

A: The Cat in the Hat This is an image of a cat wearing a hat and a scarf.

It is used as a common metaphor for a situation that has gone bad.

For instance, if you have a friend that you hate, you might say, “You’re so annoying.”

B: The Cabbage Patch Doll This image is a classic picture of a doll and a Christmas tree.

It was often used in advertisements, or a joke.

C: The Egg A common image of the egg, sometimes also known as a “cheese egg,” was used to mock people who are overweight.

This is a simple image that is very popular on social media.

The egg is usually attached to a large egg, usually with a red or white star, to represent weight.

D: The Dragon A popular image of an egg is a dragon with wings.

The image was often taken from a children’s book.

This one can also be used as an expression to ridicule people who use drugs, or are abusive.

E: The Dog A common animal image can be a dog, a cat, or some other animal.

It can also refer to an animal that you like.

F: The Happy Ending A common picture of an innocent smiling person or a happy ending.

The happy ending is usually a happy end to an event, like a happy birthday.

G: The Heart This is one of the funniest memes on the Internet.

It shows a happy face with a heart with the words, “I love you,” on it.

You can use this meme as a joke to express a love you have for a person or event.

H: The Hat This was often a common image for a child’s picture, and was used for a very cute expression.

This image has a heart on it and a little bird in the middle.

It also has a smiley face with the word “hat” on it, and a star on the top.

It’s also very popular in the photo-sharing world.

It has been used to get laughs for years.

I: The Moustache This is another popular meme, this time, the word Moustaches.

You may use it to mock someone or something, or to express anger or frustration.

J: The Monkey A common monkey image is one with a mouth full of eyes.

The word “monkey” was often seen on it to express sadness.

K: The Pizza The word Pizza is sometimes found on the left side of the image.

You use it as a humorous way to insult someone or someone you don’t like.

L: The Car A common car image is of a car and a car in the background.

The person is sitting in the front seat.

M: The Chicken This is often a picture of someone sitting in a chair, and the person in the back of the chair is eating a chicken.

This photo was used in many advertisements.

N: The Face This is commonly a picture that is smiling, with an expression that says, “Don’t look at me, I’m just happy.”

P: The Flag This is sometimes used as the caption for an advertisement or on social networks.

It usually shows a flag or other emblem.

R: The Star This is usually an image that shows a star with the message, “Star Wars” or “Star Trek.”

It can be used to criticize someone or a particular group of people, and it is usually shared to express how much you like a particular movie or show.

This meme can be very popular.

S: The Tree This is typically a tree with leaves, and has the message “Keep it up.”

This meme is often used to express that you are happy, or just plain tired.

V: The Ball A ball with a picture on it is often made with a ball, a tennis ball, or other small object.

This can be seen on many pictures of children and adults.

This type of meme is very common, and is used to convey a feeling of happiness.