The NFL and the NFLPA are set to meet this week to discuss how to improve the NFL’s fan experience on television and digital platforms.

The league’s current TV ratings are terrible and fans are increasingly concerned about the league’s future.

The league is in the midst of a $1.4 billion TV deal with DirecTV and Comcast, which would see the league pay out about $300 million to cable companies for rights to air games.

The NFL is also struggling to attract fans to games and to keep them in the stands.

That includes putting more advertisements on TV to try to boost ratings.

A new logo that includes the word “nfl” would be welcomed by fans who have been frustrated by the NFL since the last time they watched a playoff game.

The logo is an old logo that many fans dislike, but many still see as a step forward, according to NFL Media analyst Michael Gehlken.

The team has also been making changes to its uniforms for years, and some fans have complained that it doesn’t look like the teams they watch.

That’s what the team is working on now with its new logo, which is supposed to be more “traditional.”

The new logo will be a “new look for a new era,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said.

The NFL is still considering changes to the current uniforms, and McCarthy said it’s too early to tell whether the changes will be in place by season’s end.

The new uniforms also have a redesigned helmet, a new collar, and a new knee pad.

The first two are new for next season, according the league.

The first one was released on Jan. 2.

The helmet is white, and the collar is black with an orange stripe.

The new pads have a white stripe.

The knee pad has an orange circle.

The team is still deciding which knee pads will be used this season.

The jersey, which was released a few days ago, is white and blue with a green stripe.