A new tool lets you donate money to charity online from your smartphone without ever leaving your home.

The donation tool, called EasyButton, is the brainchild of former Google employee and Google employee Justin Kuchera.

It allows you to make a donation in seconds.

The donation is immediately deducted from your bank account.

The amount is sent directly to a bank account that is automatically linked to your bank.

It’s easy to set up and there are no fees to set.

Kucheram also created the donation page that you can click on to make donations from your iPhone, which is just a small portion of what’s available.

You can make one donation for $1, then the rest of the money goes to an online charity.

The website is free, but there is a $5 charge if you want to make multiple donations.

The EasyButton app is available on the App Store for free, and the donation tool is available to download for $3.

The company is hoping to expand the tool beyond the United States, but it hasn’t released any details about how to do that.

Kuck, who also worked at Google, has since left the company.

He was recently joined by his partner, Jonathan Koppel, to build the app in Austin, Texas.

It is being built by a small team of five developers who will be working on the app together.

It has already raised $2,700 and is being crowdfunded through Kickstarter.

Kuchers original goal of $4,000 is now being raised for $10,000.

Kocheram told Fortune that EasyButton is designed to help people make donations without leaving their homes.

Koppels original goal was to create an online payment service for charities that were struggling to stay afloat.

Koppels initial idea for EasyButton was to offer a payment tool for people who don’t want to use PayPal or credit cards to make their donations.

He quickly realized that the only way to reach people without leaving a home was to get their bank details.

To get his idea off the ground, Kuchels team began working with Kucbera.

They contacted the former Google engineer and he started to work on the project.

It took two months before Kuchere was able to get EasyButton to the point where it could be implemented into his app.

In the future, Koppelman hopes to expand EasyButton into a more comprehensive payment service that would be accessible to a wider range of people.