The pink subscription button for T-Mobile and, the new mobile service launched Thursday, has caused a stir among Twitter users.

They have been saying that the button should be called the ‘delete button,’ since it lets you delete any account you don’t want to have around.

“Delete, delete, delete,” one user tweeted on Friday.

“They need to be called delete buttons,” another wrote.

“I want to delete my entire Twitter feed.”

The tweet was retweeted more than 1,000 times and retweets quickly filled up.

Twitter users have been calling out the new service since it launched Thursday.

The new service offers unlimited data, free data for $15 a month, and unlimited texting for $5 a month.

The service, which was initially announced in September, will cost $70 per month, $35 per year for customers in the US and Canada.

It’s unclear how many customers will be able to use the new feature at launch.

T-Mo and Tmobile are also partnering with the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal to give readers a daily dose of content from the paper’s newsroom.

But the company says the new content will not appear in the Times’ digital editions and will only be available in the NYT apps for TMobile customers.

The NYT said Friday it will be reviewing the tweets.

It also said that T-mo and will be removed from the NYT app.