The news is out.

It’s not that the Office 365 subscription isn’t going to continue to grow, but the cloud has seen an uptick in users.

A new study published by comScore shows that users are more likely to have their inboxes filled with news from the web or social media.

The study also found that people who subscribe to Office 365 are more often checking email in the background.

That’s an issue, because it means that if an email is too slow to read, that’s a sign that someone might not be paying attention to your message.

The Office 365 version of Outlook is available for free to users who subscribe.

But you can also buy Office 365 Pro for a bit more, or purchase it as an Office 365 Professional Plus subscription to get all the Office features.

The Pro version includes the Office productivity suite, Office Lens, and other productivity tools.

There’s also an optional add-on called “Pillow,” which adds an optional video chat app.

If you’re looking for a better value for money, you can check out the full comScore study here.