ShareTweetShare+1 The best thing about mash buttons is that they’re so versatile.

You can use them to display a bunch of different things at once, or even just add a few to the bottom of the list to make it more manageable.

Here are some ways to use mash buttons to create a list of things to do: 1.

Create a list on your phone or tablet.

If you’re using an Android phone, you can mash the button on your side to add a search box to the list.

If that’s not your thing, you could also just mash the buttons on the side of your phone to add the search box.

This option works on most Android phones, and you can use it to add more than one search option to the same search field.


Add a list to your home screen.

If your home screens are full of widgets, you might want to add one to your list.

Simply mash the home button and tap the button to add that widget.

Tap the “Add to Home Screen” button, then tap the “Search” tab to add it to your homescreen.

If this option is selected, you’ll see a list that has the search field with a search bar at the top.


Create an album.

You might have a bunch on your home page, and mash a few of those widgets to make a nice little album.

The same applies for widgets, but you can also mash buttons that have content to add to your album.

Tap a button to display the album title, then mash the other buttons to add items to the album.

To add items, you simply tap the buttons to display their content, then hit the “Mash” button on the top right corner of the screen to mash.

This feature is best for adding a lot of content, like photos or video, to an album, so you can add it quickly and easily.


Add multiple items to an existing album.

If an existing list of widgets doesn’t quite fit your needs, you may want to combine the existing list with a list.

You mash a bunch to add multiple widgets to the existing group, then add items by pressing a button on each widget.

You’ll see an “Add” button next to each widget to add them to the group.

Tap and hold the “mash” option on the left side of the group to add or remove items.

To create a new list, tap the options button and then tap “Add.”

You’ll get an “add list” option next to the options you’ve just added.

This allows you to combine existing lists.

To make an existing group bigger, mash buttons on both sides of the widget list to create the new list.


Add widgets to a list or an album that’s already full.

You could mash a list and then mash a button at the same time to add additional widgets.

This works on the same widgets you used to create your list, so this is also a great way to add widgets to existing lists without creating a whole new one.

To combine multiple lists, mash two buttons on one widget to create one bigger list.

To get the same effect as adding a new widget to an already existing list, mash the left button on a widget to make the list bigger.

If a list is already full, you still can mash buttons at the bottom to add new widgets, or you can press a button next a widget that already has content to display.

This process can be a bit time consuming, so be sure to tap “add” before mash to get the most out of this feature.


Add more widgets to an app.

You may have a list in your home app that’s full of items.

You should mash the option to add another widget to the menu or even tap the menu button to show the options to add further widgets.

If all of that doesn’t work, you’re probably not using a lot.

You don’t need to create another list.

This also works for adding widgets to your app that aren’t currently in the list of items, but if you want to display more widgets than there are items, mash that option as well.

You’re still not getting the full effect of this functionality, but it can give you a nice addition to your existing list.


Add new items to a group.

You probably already have a group of widgets that you want add to the end of the app.

To do this, mash an option on one of the widgets that’s currently showing the options for widgets to add.

This is best if you have a large amount of items on your app.

The list should be a nice overview of what’s in the app, but mash an additional widget to display an overview of the items.


Add an item to the top of a list using a button.

The button you mash is a key to adding more items to your group.

If the button doesn’t exist, you need to use a button that has