It can be a daunting task for children to get their school ID cards issued, but it is just as daunting for them to sign them up.CBC News has been following B.E. students as they navigate the confusing process of obtaining a school ID in British Columbia.

The process can take weeks, months or even years.

In Victoria, kids have to fill out a form and get their driver’s licence, before they can apply for a school card.

They then go through a lengthy process that includes filling out several forms, including their social security number and personal information.

A lot of parents say it is the hardest part of the process, because you don’t know how long it will take until they get their IDs.CBC Victoria has interviewed B.F. students, parents and school staff and found many families don’t feel comfortable with the process.

They have also said that the process can be complicated and confusing for kids who don’t speak English, have difficulty understanding their documents, or simply don’t understand how to answer the questions they’re given.

A B.M. student in Surrey who was born in China and raised in a Chinese refugee camp in Canada said her family and friends have been worried about getting their school IDs issued.

“It was just hard to get it done,” said the student, who asked to remain anonymous.

“It was really hard to explain it to my family and my friends.

They were like, ‘Are you OK, how long is this going to take?’

I was like, it’s going to be three or four months.”CBC News spoke with several B.A. students who said the process is confusing and time consuming.”

The main thing I want to stress is that it’s really hard,” said a 13-year-old student from the Vancouver campus.

“You’re waiting two years for your school ID.

And then they’re like, well you’ve got to sign this up.

So you have to sign that, then you’re going to have to go through this whole process.

So it’s very, very, difficult.”

The student said she was worried her family would have trouble getting their IDs, but she was reassured by the staff who helped her.

“I feel really good,” said student Kaylyn.

“I feel like it’s all been worth it.”

The process can also be a headache for the parents of young students, as well as students from other provinces and territories.

“There’s a lot of pressure,” said parent of a 15-year old student from New Brunswick.

“They have to get school ID, they have to do it right, they can’t just come and go, and then they can go back and change their minds later on.”CBC Vancouver reached out to several B:M.

students in the Vancouver and Victoria campuses, but they did not return a request for comment.

In Vancouver, the students said they’ve had trouble filling out the forms, and some of them said they are frustrated they can only sign up to be a part of a program they already have in place.

The process has been described by parents as a daunting one, but some have said it’s a necessary step in making sure kids have a safe and secure learning environment.

The B.L. students are still waiting to be issued their school identification cards, but many said they feel comfortable enough to continue to attend school.

“In terms of the social stigma, I think it’s definitely good for kids,” said one student from Victoria.

“And I think that it makes it easier to get through the process and understand the process.”