The coachella festival, which kicks off Sunday, will feature more than 300 acts from all 50 states, as well as a host of top acts from the world of music.

Some of the biggest names in pop and hip-hop will be featured, including Kendrick Lamar, Kendrick Lamar and Kendrick Lamar. 

According to Billboard, a total of $50 million will be donated to the coachellas cause. 

There are some celebrities who will be getting their fair share of free merch. 

Beyonce, who is also one of the top stars at the event, is getting free t-shirts with her name on it, and will also be getting an autographed album from Kanye West. 

On top of that, the Grammy winner will be receiving a “Beyonce-branded” iPad. 

A list of artists who will receive free merch can be found here. 

The festival is expected to draw more than 100,000 people. 

Check out the full list of celebrities who have been confirmed for the festival below: Beyonce – Beyonce will be appearing on stage at the Coachellafest and she will also participate in a celebrity Q&A with the artists. 

Kendrick Lamar – Kendrick Lamar will also appear at the festival. 

Justin Bieber – Justin Bieber will be taking part in a Q&A session with the celebrities. 

Lady Gaga – Lady Gaga will also make an appearance at the concert. 

Gwen Stefani – Gwen Stefan will be in attendance at the party. 

Jay Z – Jay Z will also attend the festival as well. 

Miley Cyrus – Miley Cyrus will be participating in a special Q&am;.

She will also get a free concert ticket to the concert from Jay Z. Taylor Swift – Taylor Swift will also perform a live performance. 

Zayn Malik – Zayn Malik will also have a special performance on stage. 

Björk – Björk will be performing at the “Coachella: The New Music in 2020” concert.

Beyonce – Beyoncé will also take part in the VIP experience and will be sharing a personal experience with the festival attendees. 

Lamar will be wearing a custom-made T-shirt with his name and number on it and will receive a special album signed by Kanye West and Drake. 

West will be giving away a signed copy of his upcoming album and a signed autographed copy of Kanye West’s latest album. 

Drake – Drake will also give away a limited edition signed copy. 

Sia – Sia will also offer fans a personalized concert ticket and a free autographed T-Shirt. 

JAY Z -Jay Z will be attending the event as well, and he will be handing out autographed copies of his latest album and Drake’s newest album.