In a video shared by The Hill, Sony Games chief executive Andrew House announced that he will be launching an optional button press feature on PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 4 consoles starting today, starting with a new “PlayStation VR game” called “Playstation Back.”

This feature is designed to help players who are currently using a DualShock 4 or DualShock 5 controller to get into PlayStation VR games.

This button press functionality will be integrated into a new feature on the PSVR version of “Playhouse VR,” a new virtual reality platform released earlier this year by Sony.

The “PlayHouse VR” feature will be built around a new controller design that allows users to adjust the trigger for more of a “click” experience, according to The Hill.

The feature is described as similar to the motion controls currently available on the PlayStation 4 controller.

It will be implemented by adding an “X” button on the right side of the controller.

Users can then press the “X button” to play games in VR, but the game won’t launch if the controller is off.

Sony also announced that it is also adding a new button on its DualShock VR headset that can be used to switch between different VR experiences.

Users will be able to customize this button press function in the PlayStation VR version of the game.

Users who already have an active PSVR subscription can also opt in for a new option called “Full Controller Switch.”

This option will allow users to switch to the PS4 or PS4 DualShock controller when switching between VR and the standard PlayStation 4 experience.

This new feature, which will be added to the PlayStation Store later this year, is designed as a way for PlayStation owners to customize their experiences, as well as add a new layer of depth to the game by giving users more control over the way their game plays.

This will allow them to add new features and features that players would otherwise miss.

Users can also switch between the two controller models with a simple click of a button.

Users will be asked to press and hold the X button on their DualShock headset, and then the “Play” button, and the headset will switch to PS4 mode.

This button press mode will be available for PS4 owners starting with “Play House VR” starting today.

Users are asked to opt in to this button push feature on a trial basis.

However, there will be no charge for this feature.

Sony has also announced a “Play PlayStation VR” bundle with an “Extra Controller” and a “Bonus Bundle” of three PlayStation VR titles.

The PS4 “Extra controller” will allow players to play “Play PSVR Back” on DualShock 3 controllers.

The “Bonus bundle” will include “Play the PS VR Back” title, a PS4 controller with “Extra” features, a PlayStation 4 Controller with a “PSVR” logo and a Dualshock 4 controller, and a PlayStation VR headset.