–  The next time you need a custom template for an email, you can use the EasyButton template builder in Xcode.

The EasyButton is a simple, but powerful tool for creating a custom app template.

It lets you create an email template that you can edit, add and remove from your project and upload it to your iOS project.

If you’re like most of us, you probably have a lot of email templates to work with.

With EasyButton, you just have to drag and drop the template file into your Xcode project and it’ll create the template instantly.

You can also drag and select any template to add it to the list of templates.

To create your own template, simply drag the file to your X code project.

Once you have the template open, just drag and click on the text field that appears at the top of the template to drag it into your project.

After you have done this, simply right click on your template and select Add New Template.

This new template will appear on your right side, which is where you can add your text.

You can also copy and paste the text into your template editor or create a new template by dragging and dropping it into Xcode to save it as a template.

After you’ve created a new Template, drag the text from the template into the text area and drag it back into the template editor.

If you want to add your own text, just click Edit text in the template area and you’ll see all the text in your template, along with a template icon at the bottom.

Click the Edit button to add text to your template.