Benjamin Button is an American actor best known for his roles in The Matrix films and the 2013 blockbuster adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series.

Benjamin Button real name: Benjamin Button Birth date: October 25, 1974 Occupation: Actor Age: 37 (born in 1978) Hometown: North Hollywood, California, United States Nationality: United States Blood type: AB Country of origin: United Kingdom First movie role: The Matrix Trilogy (1999) Last movie role, on the upcoming film The Dark Matrix: New Blood: The Return of Jigsaw (2017) Favorite food: Chocolate milk and cookies Favorite drink: Caffeine and beer Favorite movie character: The Joker Favorite actress: Carrie Fisher Favorite song: “Happy Birthday” by Maren Morris Favorite movie actress: Olivia Wilde Favorite song lyric: “We all need to do something, I guess, but it’s gotta be real” by T.I. Favorite movie star: Keanu Reeves Favorite TV show: Gotham (2013) Favorite movie TV show episode: “The Good Wife” Favorite movie video: “Batman Begins”