In the last few years, Android apps have been a hotbed of innovative features, including new camera shortcuts and options for controlling the camera’s sensitivity and flash, among other things.

While the functionality has been a bit of a hit and miss for Android, the app’s developers say they’ve made a concerted effort to make the camera interface even more intuitive, and that’s something that Android app developers have had to do a lot more of in the past few years.

Now, it looks like the developers of the app have gone one step further, and added a feature that lets you set the shutter button for the camera to “shoot with flash.”

This means that the camera will automatically choose the shutter sound and flash mode when it’s recording a photo, but it won’t automatically turn on or off the flash when the shutter is opened.

The new feature, which is available in the Android Camera Settings app, lets you enable or disable the shutter sounds and flash modes, respectively.

The feature isn’t currently available in other apps on Android, but the developer has posted a video on YouTube of the feature working.

This is the first time that Android has added a camera feature like this to its operating system, and it will probably change the way that many people use their Android phones over the next few years as cameras are used more and more frequently.

There are still a few ways for you to control the camera in the app, though, including the ability to disable the auto-focus feature or turn on the camera manually when the device is turned off.