Posted by Matt O’Malley on February 17, 2018 02:03:33A new kind of wearable device has been developed that could be used in both your pocket and a smartphone.

The wearable has been called the cat bellybutton replacement, or defrost button.

It replaces the standard buttons on a smartphone, which would normally be held down by a keypad or physical button.

The defrost function allows a smartphone to quickly and easily switch between the standard smartphone keypad and the cat’s belly button.

In other words, you can replace the standard phone keypad for a defrostable version.

The company behind the device, SoftBank, is looking to make the defrost functionality a standard feature on future smartphones.

It has partnered with German startup Mobi, who are currently working on a prototype version of the defibrillator, called the Mobi Defibrillat.

SoftBank announced its first product on Monday, February 15, which is called the Cat Belly Button Replacement.

The device uses a microchip, which can be attached to a smartphone and a camera to detect the movements of a cat.

The microchip then uses the smartphone to trigger a defibrillation device.

A smartphone then connects to the defillant via Bluetooth and a special algorithm that is able to detect whether a cat has swallowed a substance.

The cat belly buttons are usually used for monitoring heart rates or breathing patterns.

If you have a cat that doesn’t swallow a substance, the defrusted button might be a useful tool for monitoring its health and health problems.

It’s also a common accessory for people who are overweight, as it can help them keep track of their weight.

If a cat swallows a substance or drinks a beverage, the button can be defrosted by pressing a button on the device.

SoftBank said it will also make the button rechargeable, and will sell it at $50 to $70 per unit.

The Mobi defibrilator was announced in October 2016 and is currently in testing.