Cleaning the bellybutton, which has been an obsession of mine since childhood, has taken a backseat to other, less sexy interests, like sex, masturbation, and eating.

But I still get a kick out of the way the belly buttons feel when I get dressed up and take off my clothes.

And I’ve found it really fun to take a peek around the house to see how I might have been able to remove them.

So, I decided to see what I could do.

I bought a few cheap products that I had been using for years.

I picked a small, cheap, plastic bottle and a few old bottles of toilet paper.

I then made my own version of the plastic bottle I had, made a few little holes for the foam in the bottle, and filled the holes with toilet paper and toilet paper foam.

After a bit of experimentation, I ended up with the idea that I would just push my bum toward the sides of the bottle to remove my belly button and then wipe the toilet paper off with a wet cloth.

The end result was that I felt like I was making a small contribution to the world around me.

I didn’t really have to wipe my bum at all.

I could just lean forward and wipe it off.

I was very happy with the results, so I just kept at it.

I made a couple more plastic bottles and started putting them on a rack in the living room to see if I could make the process a bit easier.

I soon realized that the toilet bowl that I was using was actually a small water cooler.

I used a small bowl to pour water into the plastic bottles that I just bought.

I also put a plastic cup in front of the water cooler to serve as a dispenser.

I had a big tub of ice cubes that I could pour into the water tank and the bottle that I used to put the plastic bags on.

I wanted to be able to put a little bit of stuff on my bum, and then have the water just come out.

I just had to be careful not to make a mess with the plastic cups that I put in the water and the ice.

And then I just poured water in the toilet and wiped it off with my damp towel.

The results were pretty awesome.

I noticed that my bum was very much free of any extra dirt or bacteria that had gotten into the bag.

And since the plastic bag was empty, it was easier to clean.

So I figured I could give this a try myself and see if it worked for me.