Shank button is an Android-specific design tool for developers that helps you quickly and easily add, remove, or modify a button in Android apps.

The tool can be used to make a button easier to reach, to hide an area, or to add new features.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a simple button that removes an Android Button from your app.1.

Download and install Android 5.1 and later.2.

Click on the Add button from the main menu, and then choose Edit in the left pane.3.

In the Edit tab, select a button that you want to remove.4.

Select a section, and click Add.5.

In Add, type a name for the button, and specify the text to replace with the new button.6.

In Select a button, enter the name of the button you want, and hit Select.7.

In Edit, select another button that is currently being edited, and select Delete from the Edit drop-down menu.8.

In Delete, type the name to replace the button with, and press the Delete key.9.

Now click on the button that was selected to go to the Edit page.10.

Select the section that contains the button.

In that section, you should see a new option for Edit button that shows an Add button.

To add a new button, click on that option.11.

In select the new option, click Edit.12.

On the Edit screen, choose the section where you want the new action to be performed.

Then, click the Add icon.13.

In add the button to your app, click Add button at the top of the Edit section.

This should create the button without an Add action.14.

Click OK at the bottom of the screen to save your changes.

If you want a button to work with other buttons, click OK in the Edit button section.