Posted September 11, 2018 04:16:47Apple finally unveiled its first iPhone 5s back in June, and it’s now available for preorder with a limited number of models coming in the next few weeks.

We already know that a new iPhone 5 will be a “new-ish” version of the iPhone 5, and that the new model will have a new edge-to-edge screen.

The most exciting new feature is probably the new Touch ID sensor on the new iPhone.

Apple says it’s still not sure how much it’s going to change between the two new iPhones, but it’s likely that the Touch ID will be more useful than the Face ID.

Apple also announced a new Siri speaker, which was initially available for only a limited time, but will now be available for all iPhones.

The new speaker has been redesigned for a thinner and lighter design, and will be able to do voice recognition for things like voice commands and dictation.

The new iPhone will also come with Apple Pay, a new AirPods, and Apple Pay on the Go, which allows you to transfer money from your iPhone to any other Apple Pay device.

The iPhone 5 also comes with a redesigned “glass” display, a design that Apple claims makes the screen thinner and more attractive.

Apple is also introducing an entirely new iPhone, the iPhone X, which comes in two colors: Silver and Black.

The phone will be available in two sizes: 8 and 16GB, and a new camera has been added to the phone to capture still images.

Apple’s iOS 8 update will also be made available for iPhones, iPads, Macs, and iPods, though Apple hasn’t specified which devices will get the update.

The biggest change to the new iPhones comes from the software side of things.

Apple says it is overhauling the user interface to make it more intuitive.

That will include new tools, including “iCloud Photo Library,” “Photo Library,” and a redesigned Settings app, which has a new icon, a cleaner interface, and easier navigation options.

Apple has also added a new “New iPhone” section to the Home screen, which lets you create a new profile for yourself, set up a custom profile, and set up Apple Pay.

The company also announced the new iCloud photo storage feature, which makes it easier for users to store photos in iCloud Photo Library and share them with other people.

Apple is also bringing new photo sharing options to the Photos app, including a “Share” button that lets you share photos to other people’s accounts.

The changes will go into effect in the coming weeks, but you’ll be able start using your new iPhones right away.