Apple’s iPhone mute buttons have been the subject of some controversy.

In early 2017, users were reported to experience stomach problems when their iPhone had the mute button pressed.

Since then, the issue has been brought up on several occasions by various news outlets, including Forbes and Reddit.

However, many users have come forward claiming to have experienced the problem, saying that their iPhone was mute buttonless.

One user, who goes by the name “Ceylon”, has claimed that his iPhone 5s had the issue when he first purchased it in January 2017.

He told The Verge in an interview that the mute buttons did not go away when he turned the phone on, despite his telling him that they would.

He added that he was told to contact Apple support if he was having issues with the button.

A few months later, Ceylon went back to the store and found that his buttons were still muted.

He wrote that his mute button was back and that his phone was still running on an iPhone 5.

According to him, the mute is not coming off, and he has yet to see any improvement.

After that, Ceylan said he contacted Apple support.

The company told The Guardian that the buttons were being temporarily removed.

Users have also reported similar problems with their iPhone’s mute buttons, which have become a common feature on older iPhones.

Users who have had similar problems are asking the question why Apple does not take a similar approach to mute buttons.

One of the best ways to help users is to make sure that their buttons work on all devices.