Amazon is getting ready to launch a new voice-controlled digital assistant, and it’s launching the Echo Spot.

But that voice control won’t be available in the US and other parts of the world.

That’s because Alexa is now a US company.

The Echo Spot, the first product from the Echo brand, will launch in Australia and New Zealand, the company announced today.

Amazon also announced that it is launching its own “Internet of Things” platform, the Echo Platform.

The platform, which will be available at the same time as Alexa, will allow developers to build on top of the existing Alexa SDK.

The idea is that developers will be able to build apps that are connected to smart devices and interact with the internet of things without needing to build their own voice assistant.

But Alexa isn’t the only smart device to be able control Alexa.

Google’s Nest, Apple’s HomePod, Microsoft’s Windows IoT and Samsung’s SmartThings all have Alexa-like capabilities.

Amazon is launching the Spot in Australia because Australia has a large number of connected smart devices, said a spokesperson.

“The Echo Spot will enable you to control and manage your devices in the home using voice commands, which allows you to manage your home using your voice,” the spokesperson said.

That makes sense, given that the Echo Dot is already an Alexa-powered smart device, as is the Echo Tap.

It also makes sense given that Amazon has a massive ecosystem of connected devices, including Nest, HomePod and SmartThings, all of which have Alexa support.

We’ll be testing the Echo Sport for a while.

It’s been around since 2014, but it’s only now starting to show signs of life.

The new Echo Spot isn’t Amazon’s first smart device.

The company launched its own Echo speakers in 2017, but those were only for a few years, with the company making a lot of money from them.

The Verge spoke with the Echo Nest’s lead engineer, Paul Jaffe, about the new Echo Nest.

“We’re building an ecosystem around Echo devices,” he said.

“It’s a smart home for people.”

He said that the Nest speaker will have built-in microphones, so that it can be used to control various types of connected gadgets.

The Nest speaker is a “smart” speaker, but that doesn’t mean it has to be smart.

For example, it might be good at controlling a thermostat.

Amazon doesn’t have a plan to build a “home automation hub” like Nest, like it did with the Nest Protect, but Jaffe said it’s something that’s on the table.

“You can connect an Echo device to an Echo Hub, and you can control that device,” he explained.

“A Nest speaker can control a thermoregulator, and the thermostator can control the thermoregmator.

So the thermo is in control of the thermything.”

Amazon isn’t releasing a timeline for when the Echo Spotlight will go on sale, but if it launches sometime in 2019, it’s likely to be a major device in the Alexa ecosystem.

And if Amazon is going to make Echo speakers, it will likely make a smart speaker as well.